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success stories

are you ready to meet the new, happier, healthier you?

Together with our patients, our joint efforts have produced some of the most inspiring weight loss stories in Georgia.

Supporting our patients through the hardest but brightest moments of their lives, we can see their health improve, witness their physical transformation and experience the emotional and social changes in their lives. Below is a glimpse of what was then and what is NOW. We’re trying to help our patients break the hold that morbid obesity has had on their lives. Check out the pictures where the hula hoops signify a change from the former vicious cycle of declining health from morbid obesity and a new circle of friends and activities that are possible with significant weight loss and improved health!

While our patients have achieved so much, many others are still out there, blaming themselves and feeling worse day after day. Empower these people and enlighten their minds. Inspire them with your story and make them take the first step to a new beginning!

Ashley weight loss

Ashley’s Story

Weight Loss 100 lbs.

“I started gaining weight when I was 12 years old. My parents were going through a very nasty divorce and food was my best friend. I turned to it anytime I had a problem. I was always very active in High School yet I was overweight. I hid my sorrow by being the Most Humorous of my senior class.”

Jennifer's weight loss before & after

Jennifer’s Story

Weight Loss 141 lbs

“Since my surgery my proudest moment has been when I met my weight goal. My greatest achievement has been to get my health back and to get off all my medications! I can now bend over and tie my shoes without getting out of breath for the first time in 14 years.”

Cynthia’s Story

Weight Loss 88 lbs.

“I have a higher self-esteem. I recently enrolled in college which is something that I have wanted to do of for a long time! My greatest achievement has been losing 88 pounds! It seems just like yesterday that I had surgery. I still have a goal to lose 50 more pounds.”

Debra’s Story

Weight Loss 55 lbs.

“Since reaching my weight loss goal, my proudest moment has been having my son say how proud he was of me.”

Lori before and after weight loss surgery

Lori’s Story

Weight Loss 47 lbs.

My greatest achievement has been to lose weight and inches so that I could comfortably fly to Seattle, Washington and not have to ask for a seat belt extension.

Joanne's Before & After Weight Loss

Joanne’s Story

Weight Loss 100 lbs.

Since my surgery my proudest moment has been hitting my 100 pound weight loss mark. I haven’t been at this weight for 30 years!

Ava’s Story

“My proudest moment has been to be able to buy pretty clothes, no longer take medication and to wear a size 10! I love to be able to play with my grandchildren again. My greatest achievement has been to change my lifestyle of eating. I feel good about myself and see the real person within! I can now exercise which I could not do before. I love putting on a swimsuit.”

Phyllis before & after weight loss

Phyllis’ Story

Today is a great day! But I can’t think of really having a bad day since getting my band. I haven’t always been overweight. I think it started about the time I turned 8 and I was considered a chubby child not a really heavy over weight child and that continued into high school.

Priscilla lost 142 pounds before & after

Priscilla’s Story

Weight Loss 142 lbs.

Since my surgery, my proudest moment has been that my son looks at me with pride and loves being seen with me. He is always encouraging me. My greatest achievement has been being able to walk 10 miles a day 5 days a week without pain.

mark before and after weight loss surgery

Mark’s Story

Weight Loss 67 lbs.

Since my surgery my proudest feeling is that I have consistent weight loss and I feel great! My biggest achievement has been my re-found energy and vitality.


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