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Georgia Coast Surgical is proud to have some of the finest medical grade skin care products available.

SkinCeutical products are our top choice for skin care. This line of products is one step below prescription skin care, is only offered through a physician’s office and is the number one medically dispensed brand in the world for the last two years. As we age free radicals form (which causes an “old” looking face) and we also lose hyaluronic acid, the chemical that helps keep our skin hydrated and appearing youthful. A chemical peel and SkinCeutical products can address both of these issues.

Contact our office in Brunswick to learn more about these excellent products from SkinCeuticals.

H.A. Intensifier

Skinceuticals body tightening

Body Tightening Concentrate

  • Simply Clean Gel

Be Unique

SkinCeuticals has a wide range of products based on the principles of prevention, protection and correction. This line of advanced skin care products is designed to improve skin’s health by treating current skin ailments and preventing future skin conditions. Every SkinCeuticals product is backed by proven science to help maintain and exceed skin health. These products are only available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, spas and other skin care professionals.