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Cosmetic Procedures

Georgia Coast Surgical & Med Spa is continuing to improve and expand its line of non-surgical aesthetic services which deliver striking effects in easy steps. the Med Spa is very proud to offer the one of  a kind Exilis Ultra device. The Exilis treatment makes the patient’s body rebuild collagen and elastin which has been lost through aging while actually tightening the skin in the treated area at the same time. This unique technology can treat and tighten the face, neck, decollete, and hands without injections or down times. We can help you slow down the effects of aging on your appearance or maybe even turn the clock back a bit for you!


SkinCeutical products are our top choice for skin care. This line of products is one step below prescription skin care, is only offered through a physician’s office and is the number one medically dispensed brand in the world for the last two years. As we age free radicals form (which causes an “old” looking face) and we also lose hyaluronic acid, the chemical that helps keep our skin hydrated and appearing youthful. A chemical peel and SkinCeutical products can address both of these issues.

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Botox Injections

Soften! Crow’s feet! Frown lines! How about the popular “lip flip”? The Med Spa can help with that. Patients frequently ask about Botox injections; Botox is a neuromodulator that blocks signals to muscles so that those muscles won’t contract as strongly for several months and cause further skin wrinkling. For the best outcome, combine the Exilis Ultra and Botox treatments. The combination will provide even better results than individual technique alone.

Skin Peels and Dermablading

Protect your investment! Schedule your SkinCeutical chemical peel and Dermablading appointments with Kelley Royer, RN, BSN to keep your face glowing and bright! Choose from aggressive chemical peels which help to remove dead skin and superficial blemishes or go for a quick result with a “red carpet” peel for a special night out.


In addition to improving your youthful appearance, don’t forget to pamper yourself with an occasional facial. Schedule that facial, you know you deserve it! Call us at 912.264.9724.

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