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Ashley’s Story

Weight Loss 100 lbs.

I started gaining weight when I was 12 years old. My parents were going through a very nasty divorce and food was my best friend. I turned to it anytime I had a problem. I was always very active in High School yet I was overweight. I hid my sorrow by being the Most Humorous of my senior class. After I got married I continued to gain weight. After a tough pregnancy I gained even more weight. When I reached almost 250 pounds I had had enough. I tried many diets. Thirty eight diets to be exact. I lost a combined total of 220 pounds. After every successful loss I had the predictable gain. I was so unhappy.

I have an extremely supportive husband but my self hate was causing a problem in our marriage. I had heard of Lap-Band because a member of my family had the surgery. After watching her lose minimal weight (later to find out that she did nothing she was supposed to) I decided that surgery would never be for me. One day I was sitting in my living room and my husband asked me if I wanted to go out and I told him no. He and my daughter went to leave and I heard my 2 year old tell her Daddy “Mommy never wants to go with us.” I was devastated.

I decided to review my options and I wrote down every diet I had ever tried and the weight lost on it. It was then that I thought maybe I should do some research on the surgery. I did my homework and found that Lap-Band was for me. It was simply a tool. I had to do the work. When success came it would be because of me. I had the surgery on 1/23/07 and I have had no regrets. I have my life back again. I have lost almost 100 pounds. I am now fulfilling all my dreams. I have ran 2 5ks and am finishing my Master’s Degree in Social Work. I am now the person I have always wanted to be. Thank you so much Dr. Kent and all the people who supported me at Georgia Coast Surgical.



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*Weight loss surgery results vary between individuals depending on the initial weight, medical condition and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Kent about the results you can expect.

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