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Types of Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

Bariatric surgery procedures should be treated as tools that can help you change your eating habits to gradually lose weight. Each one has its pros and cons as applied to specific cases. At Georgia Coast Surgical we have decided to limit our surgical approach to lap banding. This is the safest procedure available today, can be done as an outpatient and produces excellent weight loss for patients who will commit to following the rules necessary to maintain healthy weight loss.

The most common bariatric procedures include:

  • Adjustable Gastric Banding (commonly known as the LAP-BAND®) which is currently the only procedure we offer due to its superior safety profile and excellent weight loss.
  • Roux Y Gastric Bypass. We have done hundreds of these operations and still follow patients who have had this operation. We do not currently perform this procedure but we can answer your questions about it.
  • Gastric Sleeve Resection. We have done a number of these procedures but we are not currently doing them. If you have questions about this operation, we can answer them.
  • Biliopancreatic diversion. We do not offer this procedure but can refer you to surgeons who do. Dr. Kent can answer questions about this procedure during your appointment.
  • Orbera Intragastric Ballon. This is an FDA approved implant to aid in loosing weight. insurance plans do not cover this procedure

It is important for a patient to gain an in-depth understanding of the procedures. The best person to give you this information is your surgeon. Discuss your case with your surgeon and ask about the advantages and disadvantages of surgery. Call us today for more information on bariatric surgery in Georgia.



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