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Orbera® Weight Loss System

oberaThe Orbera® intragastric balloon offers an exciting addition to the world of weight loss options. A non-invasive alternative to weight loss surgery, the Orbera® system supports medical weight loss by offering an invigorating approach to appetite control.

What is Orbera®?

The Orbera system works thanks to the effectiveness of the intragastric balloon. This is a small, soft, expandable device that is orally inserted into the stomach. Once in place, the balloon is inflated to provide an ongoing feeling of satiation. The balloon is left in the stomach temporarily, often for about six months, and is then easily removed in a follow-up endoscopic procedure.

With the Orbera Weight Loss System, there are:

  • No incision, stitches or scars
  • No needles, except for IV’s during the procedures of implant and removal.
  • Only light anesthesia is required for implant and a brief period of general anesthesia for removal
  • No painful recovery period

Orbera is designed to work with your medical weight loss program. While using the Orbera system, you can gain better control over your diet and lose weight more effectively. Many people are able to achieve an average weight loss of about two pounds per week while using the Orbera weight loss system.

About the Procedure

The Orbera weight loss system can be put into place during an outpatient endoscopic procedure done by Dr. Kent at a local surgery center. As this is not a surgical procedure as such, the Orbera system will require a change in your lifestyle including attention to dietary changes and exercise afterwards as would a gastric banding procedure. After having the Orbera system put in place, you will need to follow your recommended medical weight loss diet while having the benefit of reduced hunger.

For several days following the procedure you may experience several minor side effects, including cramping, nausea, and bloating.  Dr. Kent will prescribe you medication to cope with these symptoms, and they will generally subside naturally in several days.

The Orbera system is highly recommended for people who are overweight, but do not qualify for weight loss surgery. Once the intragastric balloon is removed from the stomach there will be no remaining changes to the digestive tract, and hunger will return to a normal level. Working with Dr. Kent while using the Orbera system will help you develop healthier dietary habits so you can maintain the weight loss long-term.

For more information about the Orbera® intragastric balloon system, contact us today.



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