Insurance and Payment

Georgia Coast Surgical participates with many insurance networks, and we work very diligently to get the cost of lap band surgery approved by your insurance company. However, it is the responsibility of the patient to understand the individual benefit plan they participate in. Every insurance plan is different and many exclude the cost of lap band surgery as a benefit for their members. Please check with your individual plan regarding your personal coverage. Authorization from insurance companies may take several months and may require many different types of documentation of medical necessity or proof of previously failed attempts at weight loss. You will want to ask the insurance company what specific criteria must be met for coverage.

Additionally, it is rare that insurance will pay 100% for a procedure. So there will be some out-of-pocket expenses for almost every case. Again, the costs vary with insurance companies and policies, but you can get an idea when you call the benefits department of your insurance company. Most insurance plans have a yearly deductible to meet plus an out-of-pocket co-insurance that the patient is responsible for. Please review your coverage with an insurance representative.

At the time of your personal consultation with the surgeon, you will meet with our Financial Specialist who will discuss the estimated expenses for your surgery.

After you call your insurance company to see if they cover the Lap Band procedure, you can call us at (912) 264-9724 or toll free at 1-866-459-5483 to find out if your company is in network for us. There are financing options available as well. Please call us for further information about lap band surgery pricing with Georgia Coast Surgical.

Undergoing surgery entails a lot of preparation, thinking and even monetary sources.

We know that next to your decision to pursue a healthier and happier life is the question of affordability. Click on the affordability calculator to find out how weight loss surgery can be advantageous both health and financial-wise.

Feel free to contact our office to guide you to our resources that can assist you with meeting the financial obligation.

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