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Optimize your human potential.

What is KETO//OS

KETO//OS is your “ketone operating system” it is the First Therapeutic Ketone Supplement on the market. The proprietary blend is owned by Prüvit and is Dr. Approved, Lab Tested, and University backed.

KETONES -A Supplement That Optimizes Everything
The human body is a miraculous thing. Like a meticulously constructed machine, it processes the nutrients in food as fuel to keep blood flowing, neurons firing and muscles moving. With the right nutrients, in the right proportions, the body becomes supercharged, performing far better than it would with a low-nutrient diet.
Research scientists and healthcare professionals have worked for decades to determine the real fuel source to help the body metabolize food more efficiently to maintain an optimal weight and keep energy levels high. In recent years, they have gained new insights in this realm with the discovery of ketones. These chemicals are produced naturally when the body breaks down fat instead of glucose for energy. If there’s not enough glucose, the simple sugar derived from carbs, the body creates an alternative fuel source-ketones.
Giving Your Body A Boost
Studies show that increasing ketones in the body can have numerous health benefits, including promoting increased mental focus and alertness, lowering blood pressure, reducing cravings and helping with fat loss. To bolster the production of ketones, however, you have to achieve the metabolic state of ketosis. When the body is in ketosis, energy comes from ketones in the bloodstream. Operating at peak efficiency, the body enters fat-burning mode, with energy to spare.
In addition to accelerating fat loss, research shows that this process can promote longevity by minimizing oxidative stress on the body and improving cognitive function. In other words, ketones give both the body and the brain a positive boost.
Ketone Supplementation
For decades researchers have been examining the beneficial effects of endogenous ketones – those made naturally in the body. There are numerous research studies that are actively related to the use of ketones in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, migraines, Type 1 diabetes, obesity and other health conditions. Because most people have difficulty sticking with the restrictive, low-carb diet needed to achieve and maintain ketosis, the scientific and medical communities likewise have looked for ways to formulate exogenous ketones in the form of supplements as part of their investigations.
This cutting-edge research is yielding positive results, including the discovery that ketone supplementation can trigger ketosis in sometimes as little as an hour. Research studies have also proven that exogenous ketones deliver the same physiological and neurological benefits as endogenous ketones.
As research and product development for exogenous ketones continues, consumers now have access to revolutionary, scientifically proven tools to improve their physical health and mental acuity. They no longer have to struggle with the challenges of fasting or maintaining a ketogenic diet to realize the benefits of ketosis, but instead can hack their body’s own biochemistry to optimize their metabolism and reach their full potential.

Thanks to pioneering companies, like Pruvit, we are now introducing ketone supplement products to our practice and more and more people are discovering how ketones can have a big impact on their health.
If you’re ready to experience the benefit of ketones, please stop by our office and sample these supplements today.

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