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Online Forms

As a new patient to our practice, the following forms must be completed and returned to our office before we can schedule an initial appointment for consultation with Dr. Kent: (1) New Patient Information, (2) Patient History Questionnaire and (3) Psychological Paperwork. Please print these 3 forms out and complete them. You may mail, fax or email them back to our office and as soon as we receive them we will contact you to schedule an appointment. *Please allow 48 hours for us to process your paperwork and call you to schedule your appointment.

If you are joining our practice and have already had bariatric surgery someplace else, you do not need to complete the Psychological paperwork.

The other forms listed here are for your general information. Please feel free to print them out as you may find them very helpful in understanding the process of preparing for surgery and for determining whether or not your insurance policy covers bariatric surgery or if it is an exclusion of your policy.

We have also provided directions to our office that you may wish to print out.

If you need additional help you may also contact us for further inquiries.

New Patient Information
For weight loss surgery patients only

Patient History Questionnaire
For weight loss surgery patients only

How do I know if I have Insurance Benefits?
It is important that you understand the benefits of your Insurance plan

Directions to Georgia Coast Surgical

Psychological Paperwork for New Lap-Band Patients
This paperwork should be completed and returned to Georgia Coast Surgical before your first appointment

Pathway to Lap-Band Surgery
Helpful step by step guide to assist you in the process of preparing for Lap-Band surgery

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