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Patient Support

Everything that happens in our lives affects the way we feel, think and express our emotions.  Most patients during pre-operation already have a negative self-image, which may have contributed to their obesity.

The operation is the initial step to feel better, both physiologically and psychologically. But more importantly is the post-operation stage. We are here for you.

We will be assisting you in this crucial stage by providing you an avenue to understand what you’re going through. Support group opportunities are available by just a click.

Having weight loss surgery is truly a life changing event. The changes are as big as the ones that take place when you get married or after being married for a while, having children. The changes are mostly good, but serious stress can occur.

In order to help our patients achieve success, our program requires all of our surgical candidates to undergo a psychological evaluation with one of our Clinical Psychologists, attend one of our weekly nutrition classes, and attend one of our support group meetings. Here you will learn the skills you need to be successful in handling those stressful moments, learn to make wise food choices, and see the valuable support that is available to help you on your journey.

Part of your journey is how you will be able to cope with surgery and adjust to a new lifestyle, specifically in relation to your diet. It is important to take nutrition, exercise and training and other topics into consideration. See the related topics for more information.