Georgia Coast Surgical is NOW offering Esophyx for the treatment of GERD

The latest in non-invasive surgical techniques, endoscopic surgery, is now being offered by Dr. Harold Kent, in a practice that specializes in General and Bariatric (surgical weight loss) in southeast Georgia. The procedure, which is performed by passing a tube and a device through the esophagus and down to the stomach, requires no incisions and, as a result, has a very fast recovery time and a very low risk of complications.

Esophyx is a device that allows a surgeon to relieve reflux. The Esophyx device recreates the angle that prevents reflux to relieve heartburn symptoms.

It is estimated that about one out of three patients with reflux symptoms can benefit from the Esophyx procedure. For those who require surgery, Dr. Kent can offer laparoscopic relief (Nissen fundoplication) to most patients. Furthermore, these procedures can decrease the risk of esophageal cancer in many patients who have chronic reflux. This includes patients who have symptomatic relief from medication. Adenocarcinoma (cancer) of the esophagus is one of the cancers which is increasing in frequency in the U.S. The Esophyx procedure can decrease this risk in certain patients.

“The procedure only takes about an hour and doesn’t involve any cutting, stapling or suturing, therefore the risk of serious complication is very low compared to traditional revisional surgery and it is done as an overnight stay”. Dr. Harold Kent, the surgeon at Georgia Coast Surgical, said. Patients have a much shorter recovery time with endoscopic surgery and can return to their normal activities a lot sooner.

Dr Kent also performs other types of surgery through his practice, Georgia Coast Surgical. He is an expert in the surgical weight loss procedure of implanting the LAP-BAND® adjustable gastric band, having performed hundreds of such procedures.

Georgia Coast Surgical is an ASMBS Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence that specializes in surgical weight loss in southeast Georgia.

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